How To Mass Produce Half-Square Triangles Using Jelly Roll Strips

After the hubbub of the holiday season - do you ever just feel like sitting down, turning on the TV, zoning out and doing some "busy work?" (That's NOT on your phone or Ipad?) Half-square triangles are such a great "busy work" task. When you make them using jelly roll strips, they come out larger than 2 1/2" - so they can be used by themselves to make blocks, OR trimmed down to 2 1/2" square to fit into jelly roll patterns!

I used to *hate* making them before jelly rolls hit the scene in the early 2000s! But with the jelly roll method, oh my gosh are they easy. I dare say - this is my favorite use of a jelly roll!

Here's my free, easy to follow tutorial for making H.S.T.s!

Free Half Square Triangle Jelly Roll Tutorial

You get bored and a little restless but don't want to start some big project... get a stash of HSTs made. Before you know it there are hundreds and all of a sudden - an Ocean Waves quilt is just waiting to be sewn together, with all the hard work already done!