Free Talavera Basketweave Jelly Roll Tutorial!

Our Talavera Roll looks AMAZING as a Rail Fence alternated with white!
Here's what they look like combined into a simple 5-strips-per-block Rail Fence:
This pattern is VERY easy and using these fabrics, you'll hit a home run on your Rail Fence even if it's your first time out!
You'll need 2 Solid White rolls and 2 Talavera rolls to make the version shown above which ends up approx. 80" x 80"
My free tutorial for the Rail Fence pattern is here - but first, let me explain the variation you see here. Very simple!
First, You'll be making 8 different blocks for this one using 5 strips each, sewn together the long way, and then cut into 10.5" blocks (just like in the tutorial). I used the Talavera fabrics in the order they come in, in the roll.
But for blocks 1, 3, 5, and 7, you'll use 2 Talavera fabrics alternated with 3 white strips like this (opened all the way and sewn together):
And for blocks 2, 4, 6, and 8, you'll use 2 whites alternated with 3 Talavera colors like this:
You'll do that for your first set of 20 Talavera and 20 white strips, and then repeat the exact same thing with the second rolls of each, which will give you 8 blocks each, of 8 different blocks (64 total). You'll lay them out just like in the picture above, 8 across and 8 down, moving the blocks forward a position in each row, and turning every other block sideways.  If you get confused, check the picture for the layout (and lay them all out on the floor first).