Free "Pixelated Heart" Charm Pack Tutorial From Robert Kaufman!

This awesome and very easy pattern from Robert Kaufman is an amazing scrap-buster or VERY convenient using charm packs!

All you'll need to make the 75" x 75" size quilt top shown above is 70 colorful charm squares (2 packs) and 155 contrast/background charm squares (4 packs). The pattern linked below also gives you cutting instructions/amounts for yardage, if you're cutting your own 5" squares. If using charm packs, ignore the cutting instructions and go straight to the sewing instructions! Fabric quantities for binding and backing are also listed on the pattern.

Try this in your favorite Basic Colors or print charm packs(on sale now!) - you can mix and match 2 packs for your heart, OR just use all the same color - whatever you like! And combine with Solid White, Solid Snow, a mix of White Tones, and/or Vanilla (a mix of all of these would be amazing!) for your contrast to add some extra interest to your quilt. You can't go wrong!

Click here to go to the downloadable PDF for Pixelated Heart!