Free "Milky Way" Quilt Pattern From Robert Kaufman!


This awesome and very easy pattern from Robert Kaufman is a CLASSIC and perfect for so many different themes - Patriotics, Christmas, Vintage Repro Fabrics, or just ANY set of fabrics that you want to make a "star" of a quilt! 

All you'll need to make the 53" x 61" size quilt top shown above is any Half-Yard Bundle you love, and 2-2/3 yard of a contrasting background fabric (white, snow, black or ash grey are go-to picks!) You'll want to choose a bundle that is mostly or entirely made up of fabrics that will not blend into your contrast fabric choice. (So mostly brighter colors against a white contrast background, or lighter fabrics against a dark contrast background) You want those stars to stand out!
**To use a half-yard bundle, the only change to the fabric list found through the pattern link below is to choose a specific fabric for binding from your bundle, and set it aside for just that purpose. (In the PDF, the same fabric is used for one of the stars and also the binding.) The pattern will use 6 of your half-yards for the stars, and 1 half yard for binding, so you'll be able to choose your favorites with 3 half yards left over for your stash.

Click here to go to the downloadable PDF for Milky Way!