Free, Easy "American Beauty" Jelly Roll Patriotic Quilt Pattern!

This very easy pattern is a perfect way to showcase your patriotic fabrics in a classically quilty way! The easy piecing technique makes it easy to turn this pattern into any theme you want just by switching out the colors or fabrics. This pattern also looks amazing as a scrap buster using light and dark values of ALL KINDS of prints - a great way to use up all of your orphan jelly roll strips or small cuts of leftover fabric!

All you'll need to make the throw-size quilt top is  2 solid white or other background contrast fabric 20-strip jellies (or 1 40-strip), and one 20-strip roll EACH of two different colors (or 40 strips of mixed prints you like). "Very Cherry" and "Midnight" jellies (special rolls with 20 different reds, and 20 different blues) are here! They and all the patriotics are all on sale right now (2/24/24).

Click here to go to the downloadable PDF for American Beauty!