Free "Diamond Dance" Charm Pack Pattern From Robert Kaufman!

This awesome and VERY easy pattern from Robert Kaufman can be make striking or subtle, depending on your fabric choices!

The pattern as written calls for 1 layer cake, and a large cut of background fabric - but you can use charm packs to skip a bunch of steps!
To use charm packs, and save yourself a lot of time and cutting, alter the fabric requirements and instructions as follows: 
-Use 4 solid background charm packs (or 126 total solid charms) and 4 print/color charm packs (or 126 total print charms), instead of a layer cake and background yardage. This will lower the background yardage requirement to 2.5 yards. These are the only fabric requirements to make the top!
-You will skip the step where you sub-cut the layer cake into 5" squares (since you're using charm packs, this step is already done!) You'll use your 4 print/color charm packs instead.
-You will skip cutting (16) 5" strips from your background fabric, since that is the step where you cut the background into charm packs. You'll use your 4 solid background charm packs instead.
Follow all the rest of the cutting and assembly instructions, and you're good to go!
Click here to go to the downloadable PDF for Diamond Dance!