Emerald Isle Jelly Roll Simple Rail Fence Tutorial & Basketweave Variation

The Rail Fence pattern is a great place for new jelly roll quilters to start!

Here is my free tutorial for how to make the Rail Fence Pattern!

Our Emerald Isle 20-strip jelly is a great color combo for this pattern. It's fabulous on its own, or alternating with white - and either way the materials you need to create an 80" x 80" quilt top are less than 50 bucks because everything in this pattern is on sale!

Emerald Isle is on wholesale special here!

Solid white is on sale for only $12.99/roll here!

If making the "solo" Emerald Isle or any other colorway top, you need 4 rolls of a single colorway OR - if making the basketweave, you need 2 Emerald Isles/other colorway and 2 solid whites.

Here is what it looks like using 80 strips (4 rolls), sewn together in the order the fabrics come in the roll:
and here is what it looks like alternated with solid white, to create a basketweave effect: 
To make the print and white variation, in Step 1 of the tutorial linked above, you will make 4 sets of strips for two different layouts each.
and white-print-white-print-white:
and then in the final layout, your blocks will be alternated with the 3-print blocks vertically, and the 2-print blocks horizontally.