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HST Challenge Block 20 - Whirligig

Posted by Liz K. on 6/26/2015

Excited!! This is one of my favorite blocks in the quilt!

For those who may be joining us tardy (don't worry, easy to catch up!):

Block 20 - Whirligig

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs (see tutorial link above). Here's the layout of the block:

Here are your 2 different 2-HST segments - make 4 of each

Then join those two segments together and make 4 blocks:

Now turn them into the Whirligig formation (make sure you've got a main fabric diamond in the center)

Join them together to complete your block!

Having trouble with my picture of all 20. Will update shortly!

Awaiting pictures of your block at [email protected]!

Teresa's version!

And all 20!

Frances's version!

Pam's version!

Kathy's version!

Connie's version!

Deborah S's version!

Barbara's version!

Linda R's version!

Sue's version!

Cindy's version!

Bonnie's version!

Annette's versions!

Joan's version!

Sarah's version!

Linda M's versions!

All of Linda T's blocks!

Article Comments
Neilsine AIKO DeVincent Date 6/26/2015
LIZ, How many blocks will we have total? 25? I'm thinking of adding sashing so my 20 blocks can be hung as a wall quilt in our entryway. BTW I've enjoyed and learned many hints in sewing triangles (my least favorite shape). Mahalo for taking the time to organize this HST project! Aiko
Wendy Date 6/28/2015
I have not started this project yet. How many jelly rolls strips will I need If I only use 2 colors for the whole quilt?
Liz K Date 6/29/2015
Hi Wendy! Each block has 16 HSTs and a 2-strip HST tube will make 20 blocks. If you were 100% accurate in your HST sewing, you could use only 20 strips of color and 20 strips of white to make the blocks - however I'd recommend just using 2 strips for each block so you have 4 extra HSTs from each block. I consistently manage to have a few "dud" HSTs from every set :/ If your seam strays from 1/4" or your cutting is off you will end up with an imperfect triangle. For sashing you'll need about another whole white roll. In total, 2 color rolls and 2 white rolls plus a few white strips. The bundle we were selling had 3 white rolls and 2 color rolls, but you'll end up with a considerable portion of the third white roll left over if you go that route. Aiko - 25 blocks total! The finished quilt will be sashed and bordered and sounds like exactly what you're envisioning in your hallway!
Gabriella Pozzini Date 5/24/2016
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