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HST Challenge - Block Two - Dutchman's Puzzle/Wild Goose Chase

Posted by Liz K. on 2/20/2015
First: In case you missed it last week - take a sec to watch this video on pressing HSTs so they don't warp and stretch. It's about 2 minutes long. Don't worry, it doesn't take 2 minutes per block to press your HSTs but it is important to press them carefully to avoid warping!

Second: If you are having trouble with your seams matching up, make sure you're sewing consistent 1/4" seams. This can take some practice! If you're not matching up perfectly, don't worry too much about it! Your quilt will be awesome. This is supposed to be fun. :)

Week 2's block is simple and classic - and very easy to make! Here's the Dutchman's Puzzle Block!

First of course, you'll need to make your 16 HSTs. Here's the tutorial, Something about the Pin Dot fabric called to me this week, so I chose it for this week's block!

Edit: If you'd like to make your Dutchman's puzzle using two different fabrics, you can make a second set of HSTs and "borrow" 8 from a future block. Save the 8 you won't use from this block for a different block you'd like to use two different fabrics in. :)

The components of the block are 8 flying geese blocks! Make 8 of the unit below, or 4 of two different flying geese blocks.

Press half to the right, and half to the left so the seams won't be on top of each other when you join them into larger blocks in the next step.

Then join them into blocks - if using two different fabrics, put your first fabric on top, and the second on bottom consistently for all 4 blocks

To form the finished block, arrange your 4 smaller blocks like so:

Join together to make your finished Week 2 block!

While I was making my HSTs for this week, I kept thinking "yuck, these are ugly!" I thought about swapping them out for another fabric, but I think the pin dots were just playing tricks on my eyes. Once the block came together, I loved it!

I've made another Pinterest board with lots of Dutchman's Puzzle examples and variations! It's here! If you get a chance, snap a picture of your block when you're done and send it over to me at [email protected] :D

Almost forgot. Guess what I learned this week? It's reeeeally hard to explain how to do that pinwheel seam trick on the back of the block! But I'm going to try.

Your lumpy seam will look like this, right in the center of your block that has a pinwheel center:

Now, you have to play with it a little, sort of opening it in different directions until you see the edges of the little inner pinwheel peeping out. You'll have to snip a stitch or two to get it to open and flatten.

I hope that didn't confuse matters more than helping them! Try it - you'll get it. :D If anyone else out there can explain this better than I have, please leave a comment below!

Sue's version! 

Annette's version!

Teresa's version!

Barbara's version!

Pam's version!

Roslyn's version!

Mary's version!

Michele's version!

Bonnie's 2 versions!

Katie's version!

Diane's version!

Kathy's version!

Joan's version!

Connie's version!

Shelley's version!

Linda R's version!

Debby's version!

Linda M's version!

Molly's versions!

Deborah S's version!

Sarah's version!

Deborah B's version!

Glenda's version!

Sue S's version!

Linda M's second version!

Joan P's version!

Douglas's version!

Article Comments
Ursula Date 2/21/2015
No better explanations, just a "Thank you very much". Makes perfect sense.
Pam Date 2/21/2015
Here's how getting rid of that lump of fabric was explained to me...use your seam ripper to remove three stitches from the center seam, turn the patch over and remove three stitches from the opposite side. Then place the patch on the pressing mat wrong side up and "swirl" the seams around in a clockwise direction. This opens up a little "four patch" and you can just press this flat. Hope this doesn't confuse anyone further! :)
Sandy Date 2/21/2015
I'm so dissappointed. I can't bring up the tutorial for the quilt patterns. Love seeing the different blocks and would love to try it. What is the size of the 16 half square triangles?
helen Date 2/21/2015
Rather than snip the thread--I use my seam ripper, only pull out the last two stitches. No threads actually get cut. I also keep my stitch length at 2.5 on my machine. They are just long enough so that the seam ripper can be inserted in the stitch. That length also helps if I have to un-sew (otherwise known as RIP-OUT).
Paula Date 2/21/2015
You did a great job of explaining and I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Love you site!
nellie Date 2/21/2015
what a great tutorial very easy to make these HST fast and fun
Liz K. Date 2/21/2015
Thanks for the further pinwheel explanations!! Sandy - try RIGHT clicking on the link to the tutorial, and selecting "save-as" which will bring up a window asking if you want to save the PDF to your computer. Whatever browser you're using may have an out of date version of Adobe Reader preventing it from opening PDFs - I've had this happen to me before! The Adobe Reader on your actual computer may be fine, though, so opening it from your computer (instead of from the web through your browser) may work. Otherwise try downloading/updating Adobe Reader here: The HSTs end up about 2 3/4".
Teresa Date 2/21/2015
So far this has been fun. I like using the jelly rolls. By using jelly rolls it make flying geese a lot easier. I'm enjoying this a lot.
Trude Date 2/22/2015
Ok...I'm nervous about cutting the BAD is it to just leave the little lump? Will it make a huge difference?
Jan Meyer Date 2/22/2015
I am having a fun time making the blocks. I can't wait for the next one.
Liz K. Date 2/22/2015
You can leave it!! Just careful not to break your needle trying to sew through it. :)
Peggy Cunningham Date 2/23/2015
Trude, Don't worry about cutting the stitches in the seam because the cross stitching will keep things together. You only pull out two or three stitches on each side. It does make a big difference when you go to quilt it and you have several layers of fabric in the middle.
Radha Date 2/26/2015
Lovely pattern. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love the HST way of doing this pattern. Thanks again. Regards, radha
Mpbarry Date 3/25/2015
I did a bow tie quilt where I pieced by hand. I did not quilt beyond the seam line and ended up with the swirl. I never thought of taking out a few stitches if machine quilting. Guess you could also not quilt to end but SMTP a couple stitches before end. What do you think?
Joan Date 4/2/2015
could you please send me the site for the inspiration wall that you shared during one of the early blocks. I am wanting to order a couple of those and wasn't able to locate it again. Thanks so much, Joan
sallystobaugh Date 8/10/2015
I am just starting in Aug. Can you tell me how to find Week One? Thank you.
Linda Deatherage Date 9/11/2015
I am just going to start the HST Quilt and cannot find week one. Can you please help me. Thank you, Linda
Janet Storey Date 9/28/2015
Where or what are the fabric requirements?
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