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HST Challenge - Block Three - Balkan Puzzle/Windblown Star

Posted by Liz K. on 2/27/2015
Hey quilters! Happy Saturday (well... it's actually Friday night for me!) - here's Block 3 of the HST Challenge.
For those who may be joining us tardy (don't worry, easy to catch up!):
Link to the blog (this is where all the blocks will be listed for future reference - there's also a link to it at the bottom of the homepage at if you get lost!)

Balkan Puzzle/Windblown Star

This is another block that looks great monotone, or using two different fabrics. I've put together another Pinterest board with lots of examples - I'll be doing mine monotone, but you can easily "borrow" 8 HSTs from another week if you'd like to make the 2-fabric version!

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs. Here's the layout of the block:

Remember the components from Week One's block? They're the same - just sewn together in the opposite order. You'll need 4 of the flying geese blocks, and 4 of the blocks with a diagonal going from upper left to lower right.

You'll have a 1/4" seam allowance on the top and bottom of the middle of your diagonal block, and a 1/4" above the point in your flying geese.

Press your flying geese open to the left and your diagonals to the right (they're actually reversible, but let's just make it easy!). Join one flying geese block with one diagonal block - flying geese on the bottom, point up-  to make the block below - make all 4 the same. Press open toward the flying geese block.

Now arrange your 4 blocks into the Balkan puzzle layout... lower left, your flying goose will be point up, upper left, it'll be pointing right, upper right, it'll be pointing down, lower right, it'll be pointing left!

Now join them together into your finished block!

I really love this block!

If you want to use two different fabrics, you'll make your flying geese in one fabric, and your diagonals in another. That's it! Everything else is the same!

Check out my blocks on my "design wall"!

I'm loving this project so far! By the way - if you don't have a design wall, but you do have a 60" x 72" space on your wall, can I just recommend this awesome thing above? It's a Fons & Porter felt design wall that just hangs on any wall and is awesome for placing blocks. I wish I'd gotten this about 20 years ago - it's only $15 on Amazon! Here this whole time, I'd been thinking I needed something expensive. The blocks just stick right to it. So cool. 

Don't forget to send pictures - and if you haven't checked the other blocks in a while, check them out again! I've been adding new pictures as they've been coming in. [email protected]

Annette's version!

Kathy's version and her 3 blocks side by side:

Teresa's version!

Michele's version!

Linda M's version!

Pam's version!

Roslyn's version!

Sue S.'s version!

Bonnie's 2 versions!

Sallie's first 3 blocks!

Diane's version!

Debby's version and her 3 so far!

Linda R's version!

Katie's versions and all 3 so far!

Deborah S's version and her 3 side by side!

Shelley's version!

Sarah's version!

Barbara's version!

Glenda's version!

Sue C's version!

Connie's version!

Linda M's second version!

Joan P's version!

Douglas's version!

SueJean's version!

Love them all! Free free to send in photos as you get your blocks done! [email protected]
Article Comments
Victoria Kraemer Date 2/28/2015
Seeing the 3 block on your design wall makes me want to do a quilt in black and white and using the different blocks.
Teresa Murphy Date 2/28/2015
This block is very interesting and I don't like angles but with the half square triangle it is been pretty easy. Ready for the next one. Mine are all in different color.
Diane Date 2/28/2015
How can I get week 1 and 2 pattern. Thx
Janice Meyer Date 2/28/2015
Almost 4:00 and I have the new block done. Iam really enjoying this. Can't wait til next Saturday;)
Jane evans-walsh Date 2/28/2015
Annette Date 2/28/2015
I love the block. I agree with Victoria. Seeing your black & white makes me want to do another black & white quilt. I made one for my Dad about 5 years ago & I love that one too. Very rich looking. I am having fun with this challenge. I never did one before & it is so much fun. I look forward to Sat. morning. lol
Liz K. Date 2/28/2015
Thanks for the compliments on the blacks! When I planned the blocks, I did it using black and white in a computer progream, and I liked it that way! We'll see how it turns out! Diane - the link to the main blog page is above, and the blocks are all there. :)
Sharlene Clemens Date 3/1/2015
Hi...have just ordered my hts bundle. Yesterday I walked about a mile through a snow storm to get my cutting board,ruler, and rotary cutter. I can't wait to get started. I'm 80 years old, have lots of time on my hands.I've made 2 race quilts from your jelly rolls and ilove your fabrics.I live in boulder colorado .
Liz K. Date 3/1/2015
Sharlene, oh my goodness! That sounds dangerous! But hopefully worth it ;) Have fun with the challenge! LK
Sharlene Clemens Date 3/1/2015
By the way, I m making my blocks with the black/gray 20 fabric jelly roll. I think it will be gorgeous
Ellie Date 3/2/2015
So excited! I started out behind but am finally caught up! Can't wait until next Saturday! I am using the red jelly roll and am having problems with the deep reds transferring onto the white when ironing seams. I've always set my iron at cotton and never had that problem with the other jelly rolls...any ideas as to what is going on or how to get rid of the pink tinges in the seams?
Annette Date 3/2/2015
Sharlene, That is dedication to your love of quilting! lol I would of done the same thing though. I can't imagine having my quilting tools too far away from me. Have fun with the challenge.
Roslyn Date 3/3/2015
Hi Liz The fabrics used in Katies quilts, do you carry it? I would sure like to buy some. It's really very pretty.
Liz K. Date 3/4/2015
Roslyn unfortunately we do not! I will ask her what they are for you!
Kathy Grant Date 3/4/2015
Katie - I love your blocks - they remind me of stained glass! Very pretty!
Karan Toland Date 3/4/2015
Just came across this HST Challenge and live the first three blocks. Can you send me more info about this challenge, like how much fabric to purchase, size of the HST etc. thank you
Liz K. Date 3/4/2015
Hi Karen! The link to the fabric bundle is at the top of this post - and the link to more info on the tutorial is on the bundle's page. :) It's 25 blocks in 25 weeks, one "surprise" block each week, and the finished quilt top (including sashing) is approx. 57" x 57".
Liz K. Date 3/4/2015
Kathy - good call on the stained glass! Katie's fabrics are "Stained Glass" by by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex. I can't link to it from here, but you can easily find the roll on the Missouri Star website. :)
Sharlene C. Date 3/8/2015
Have just finished the first 3 blocks, will do the 4th block tomorrow. I have never done anything like this before, and my points ( ducks ) are not all in a row but it's great fun. I've done a lot of ripping out and do overs but that's not so bad and I'm learning a lot. Your diagrams and instructions make it so easy to understand. Kudos to you Liz.
Barbara Taylor Date 3/10/2015
I am a beginning quilter and have never done anything like this challenge. I am having a ball. Worked ahead and got all the HST done for the 25 weeks. I am making 5 of each block as to make a queen size quilt. I wait for Saturday mornings now to get my next block. Thanks for everything. You have made this so fun.
Liz K. Date 3/11/2015
Wow, Barb! That's a LOT of HSTs, you've been busy! :D So glad you're enjoying it!
Carrie Caulfield Date 3/14/2015
Hi, Liz! This is so great. Can you please tell me how large I should square up each block when I'm done? Thanks.
Jk Date 3/14/2015
I am ending up with having to clip both ends of my HST. I have followed your tutorial step by step & have been very precise about my measurements. I followed your link on how to press them . What am I doing wrong?
Jk Date 3/14/2015
I am ending up with having to clip both ends of my HST. I have followed your tutorial step by step & have been very precise about my measurements. I followed your link on how to press them . What am I doing wrong?
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