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HST Challenge - Block Ten - Annie's Choice

Posted by Liz K. on 4/18/2015
Woohoo! 2 rows done today!

Here's the board: Annie's Choice Pinterest Board

For those who may be joining us tardy (don't worry, easy to catch up!):

Annie's Choice

Another classic star block!

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs (see tutorial link above). Here's the layout of the block:

Here are your two-HST components:

Make 4 of each

And here's the quarter block, made up of those two components, that will comprise all 4 quadrants of your block:

Make 4 of this block

Now lay out your 4 blocks into the Annie's Choice layout:

Now join them together into your finished block!

I think this is my most accurate block yet! Wahoooo!

And here're my 10 blocks so far on my "design wall"!

If you don't have a design wall, but you do have a 60" x 72" space on your wall, this thing (it's a Fons & Porter felt design wall that just hangs on any wall) is totally awesome! My blocks have been "stuck" on the design wall for weeks now! No budging. 

Roslyn's version:

Michele's version!

Cindy B's Blocks 8-10!

Annette's version and her 2nd versions of all 10!

Frances's versions, plus all so far!

Kathy G's version!

Terry D's all 10 so far!

Barb T's version!

Bonnie S's versions, and all her blocks so far!

Linda M's versions!

Deborah S's version!

Douglas's version!

Jackie's version!

Joan P's version!

Linda R's version!

Teresa's version and all 10 so far!

Sharlene's version!

Sue C's version!

Sarah's version!

Hilary's all 10 so far!

Connie's version!

Katie's version!

Sue Jean's version!

Article Comments
SueJean Date 4/18/2015
Okay! I confess this is my "new" favorite! Love it!!
Kathy G Date 4/18/2015
Look at all your blocks! They're fabulous. It's going to be an awesome quilt!
Deborah Date 4/18/2015
I really like this block. Very pretty
sandi Date 4/18/2015
A flannel backed table cloth works great for a design wall and can be purchased at a dollar store. I put mine over some foam board and oola!
Mary Rash Date 4/18/2015
I purchased the Fons & Porter felt design wall about 3 months ago and I LOVE it. Now, I just don't know what took me so long.
Roslyn Date 4/18/2015
This is by far the best block yet. Thanks again for all your efforts in making this challenge so fun.
Stella Snyder Date 4/18/2015
Thanks for all the neat blocks. I went & got the Fons & Porter felt design wall @ JoAnn fabrics. I don't know how I got along without it. I especially like the grid blocks that show through to help line blocks up.
jaci stucker Date 4/21/2015
love the group visuals, retired art teacher living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and joined textile group. One member shared your email today to view the varied triangles patterns your creating! Check out my facebook page, 6threadsjaci to see my ethnic jewelry and my log cabin starting point pillows using my collections of textiles from 32 years living overseas .
Anna Date 4/29/2015
Frances, I love the color differnce you did!!! It looks awesome.
Anne Marie Browm Date 2/16/2018
I'm running late to the party. Are there challenges for 2017 and 2019?
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