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HST Challenge - Block Four - Tea Party

Posted by Liz K. on 3/7/2015
Hey quilters! I can't believe we're already on Block 4 of the HST Challenge. Here it is!

For those who may be joining us tardy (don't worry, easy to catch up!):
Link to the blog (this is where all the blocks will be listed for future reference - there's also a link to it at the bottom of the homepage at if you get lost!)
Since I got so many thanks for the suggestion (18 emails!!), Link to the $15 design wall I'm using, Fons & Porter from Amazon (It's actually only $14.51 at this moment!)

Tea Party

Ok, so I named this block! I couldn't find its real name (if it has one) anywhere, so I just called it like I saw it - 4 ladies sitting at a table eating scones and drinking tea. 
If you know another name for it, let me know! Due to not being able to search for it by name, no Pinterest board this week until all you lovely folks send me your pictures in!

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs. Here's the layout of the block:

The block broken down into its quarter block:

So, make 4 flying geese:

And 4 of these lil' suckers (make sure your black triangles are pointing down and to the right):

Connect those two blocks, with the flying goose on the bottom, and the two-HST component with the triangles pointing down and to the right - make all 4 the same:

So you'll end up with 4 identical blocks like the above. Remember - you want the 1/4 seam allowance by the triangle on the top and the left (I've circled them in red) - don't trim to the point of the triangle. Your upper right triangles will look bigger, since they have the seam allowance on the right.

Now arrange your 4 blocks into the Tea Party layout. You'll have a pinwheel in the center of a diamond, and a pinwheel-color triangle in each of your 4 corners. 

Now join them together into your finished block!

And here're my 4 blocks so far on my "design wall"!

Seriously, if you don't have a design wall, but you do have a 60" x 72" space on your wall, this thing (it's a Fons & Porter felt design wall that just hangs on any wall) is totally worth 15 bucks. I went on Amazon armed with my credit card, ready to spend whatever I had to to be able to "stick" these blocks to the wall, thinking it was going to be a hassle, and then saw this. It hangs from nails. It took less than 1 minute to set up. I'm in love! My blocks have been "stuck" on the design wall since last week, no budging. 

Oh - and it has a grid printed on the back that you can see through the front felt so you can hang your blocks straight!


Michele's version!

Teresa's version!

Pam's version!

Glenda's version - and her 4 so far!

Sue S's version!

Roslyn's version!

Katie's versions!

Barbara's version!

Deborah S.'s version!

Linda M.'s block!

Sue C's block!

Sarah's version!

Kathy's version! 

Bonnie's versions!

Shelley's version!

Anna D's 4 so far!

Annette's version! 

Deb V's version!

Connie's version!

Sharlene's version!

Linda M's second version!

Joan P's version!

Douglas's version!

Terry's all 4 so far!

Don't forget to send pictures - and if you haven't checked the other blocks in a while, check them out again! I've been adding new pictures as they've been coming in. [email protected]

Article Comments
Lois Date 3/7/2015
Command has all kinds of removable hooks (sizes etc) that would work for this. No holes in the wall. I use them for everything that I want to hang. I have a habit of changing my mind. Will have to get one for my wall. Love your emails. Really gets me inspired.
Liz K. Date 3/7/2015
Lois, great idea! The design wall's not too heavy, so that would definitely work!
Mae Y Date 3/7/2015
Hi Liz, Ihave been following your instructions and progress for a while now, and are totally amazed, as to what you can create with HST's! Love it, great work. Have to finish 2 other projects, but then.....well nothing will be stopping me to join the HST craze. Thanks heaps, from Texas Down Under,
Barbara Taylor Date 3/7/2015
I just ordered the design wall. Thanks for the idea.
Liz K. Date 3/8/2015
Mae, can't wait to have you join us! Barb, let me know how you like it, I just can't say enough about how much I love having some place to stick all my blocks! :D LK
Sherry Rosczyniala Date 3/8/2015
How do you get this new tutorial to print. You usually have a place to download tutorial from but i didn't see it for this one. I haven't joined your challenge afat this time since I've had rotator cuff surgery and two baby quilts i must workwornkbon first!!!
Shelley R Date 3/9/2015
Pam I love the confetti you have used. was this in your stash? if not would love to find some. I think it would make a great backing for my 30's print wedding ring quilt
Janice Meyer Date 3/10/2015
This is my favorite block so far. Can't wait til Saturday and another one.
Sarah Edwards Date 3/12/2015
So many beautiful blocks; fantastic variety of colors. What an inspiration.
Anna Date 3/13/2015
I can't wait for the next one, i have my hst ready. I know I may have to wait for my Sunday for the pattern as I'm in Australia
Kathy Grant Date 3/13/2015
Some really gorgeous blocks!! Love how different they look!
Rose Chamdler Date 4/11/2015
Looking at this page gives me hope that I can do something with these triangles I have had for years. Thx and I'll take it from here. I may be shopping soon. I have this in my favorites! Rose
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