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HST Challenge - Block Five - Dancing Star

Posted by Liz K. on 3/14/2015
Hey quilters! This week we've got a whole row of our quilt done!! I find this exciting. Perhaps I need to get out more. No but seriously, I have truly been doing about 1 block a week (of course, I'm a little ahead - but I am doing this right along with you all) and it feels effortless! 

For those who may be joining us tardy (don't worry, easy to catch up!):
Link to the blog (this is where all the blocks will be listed for future reference - there's also a link to it at the bottom of the homepage at if you get lost!)
Link to the design wall I'm using below, Fons & Porter from Amazon 

Dancing Star

Ok, so I named this block - again! If you know another name for it, please let me know - I'd love to find some other examples on Pinterest but it's very hard to find them without a common name!

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs (see tutorial link above). Here's the layout of the block:

Here are your 8 two-HST components:

Make 4 each of the 2 blocks above

And here's your block, made up of those two components, that will comprise all 4 quadrants of your block:

Make 4 of this block

Make sure your "diagonal" goes from bottom left to upper right with your main fabric (black in my pictures) and that your flying goose (white in my picture) made of your background contrast fabric is pointing down. 

Now it's easy to see if you've got your block laid out right before sewing this one. You'll have a diamond in the center of your block using your main fabric, and your contrast/background fabric will be pointing into each corner.

Now join them together into your finished block!

And here're my 5 blocks so far on my "design wall"!

Seriously, if you don't have a design wall, but you do have a 60" x 72" space on your wall, this thing (it's a Fons & Porter felt design wall that just hangs on any wall) is totally awesome! My blocks have been "stuck" on the design wall for weeks now! No budging. 

Teresa's version!

Michele's version!

Annette's version!

Barb's version!

Sue S's version!

Sue C's version!

Deb V's version!

Linda M's version!

Linda M's 5 so far!

Kathy G's version!

Lisa's versions!

Lisa's helper, carefully inspecting her blocks!

Sharlene's versions!

Bonnie's versions!

Frances's version!

Sarah's version!

Roslyn's version!

Connie's version!

Shelley's version!

Molly's 5!

Linda R's version!

And all of Linda R's 5!

Pam's version!

Katie's versions!

And her 5 so far!

Deborah S's version, and all 5!

Cyndie's all 5!

Linda M's second version!

Joan P's version!

Douglas's version!

Anna's version!

Don't forget to send pictures - and if you haven't checked the other blocks in a while, check them out again! I've been adding new pictures as they've been coming in. [email protected]

Article Comments
Fran Date 3/14/2015
I am so enjoying the HST Challenge! I started out using two jelly rolls that I had on hand; but after the third week, I decided that since I was using your design, I should use your fabric. The purple fabric I purchased from you is gorgeous! It will be perfect for a quilt for one of my daughter's foster children. Purple is her favorite color. I am so excited about the HST Challenge that I make my two sets of triangles on Friday. On Saturday morning, I keep checking your web site for the new design. I can't wait to get it in my e-mail. I love the whole quilt examples you send later and the fact that you give instructions for all sizes. I have a feeling that I will be making lots if HST quilts. Thanks!
Liz K Date 3/14/2015
Fran, that's wonderful! HSTs are awesome. Just so much you can do with them. I'm glad you love the purples - they're my favorite too! :D I'm sure the recipient will treasure the quilt, how thoughtful of you! Make sure to take some pictures! Would love to see the HSTs in purples! LK
Barbara Taylor Date 3/14/2015
I am glad you like my fabrics. They are 1930 reproduction prints from "Everything but the kitchen sink" line. There are 26 different prints. I am making 5 squares a week as I want a queen size quilt with pillow shams. I am having so much fun with this challenge as I am beginning quilter and have only been at it about 7 months. I look forward to every Saturday. Thanks for doing this.
Liz K. Date 3/14/2015
So glad you are having fun Barb! :D
Jan Easterday Date 3/14/2015
Love the HST challenge. I appreciate the "easy" instructions for now making HSTs. I get my strip ready during the week and cut and press them so that I am all set to go Saturday morning. I love the pattern of each block. Thank you for offering this challenge and all the work that you put into it each week.
Liz K. Date 3/14/2015
My pleasure! I'm having fun doing it! :D Liz K.
Jk Date 3/14/2015
Help! I have followed the tutorial & have tried to be very careful, but I keep having to clip both ends of my square. What am I doing wrong?
Sharlene C. Date 3/15/2015
I am getting into a weird habit. As soon as I get my block done I make the next strip, cut, press, then have to wait a whole week to put it together.
Liz K. Date 3/15/2015
JK, don't worry, I get a little thin nub on some blocks that I have to trim off one side too. :) Sharlene, maybe you should mass-produce a bunch at once! I find if I try to make more than 2 tubes of HSTs at once... I get a little tired of it :)
Mary K Date 3/20/2015
I too am having fun with this challenge. Some of my squares are a little wonky. I'm new at this. Will I be able to square them up.
Kathy Errico Date 4/4/2015
Loving Deborah S's version.. All are beautiful.. I am coming late to the party, but will get it together.. Beautiful project!
Pat Date 4/19/2015
I am having so much fun doing this. I just found your site last week and started a week ago today. I have the first five done. I am doing scrappy with flowered fabric...will send pictures later Now, my problem - I always press my seams so they will "nest". I am having a terrible time trying to do that with these blocks. I never can keep it straight which seam needs to be pressed which way till it is too late. Is it just me? What am I doing wrong? How cn I remedy this? Thanks, Pat
Liz Date 4/20/2015
Re: nesting, it's probably the biggest pain with these blocks! I'm fixing it as I go along too as much as I can, but not all seams always nest perfectly.
Pat Date 4/20/2015
Thank you SO much Liz for your response. I'm just glad to know that it isn't just me.
Nancy Walker Date 5/23/2015
I love this challenge! As a very new quilter, I,m hoping you will have the link available for a long time. I am joining late and am having a hard time trying to catch up. I'm very slow.
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