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HST Challenge - Block 25 - Mosaic

Posted by Liz K. on 7/31/2015
DONE! (With the blocks anyway!)

Very excited! Stay tuned tomorrow to see the finished blocks (sorry, my design wall is absolute devoid of static electricity in this humid July and I'm going to have to pin 'em up or something) and I'll show you the simple way I'm sashing them. No bells and whistles! As well as give you an idea for how to use extra triangles, add borders, etc.

For those who may be joining us tardy:

Block 25 - Mosaic

First, as always, you're going to need to make your 16 HSTs (see tutorial link above). Here's the layout of the block:

Here are your 2 different 2-HST segments - make 4 of each

Then join those two segments together and make 4 blocks:

Now turn them into the Mosaic layout:

Join them together to complete your block!

Awaiting pictures of your block at [email protected]!

Annette's versions!

Teresa's version!

Barbara's version!

Connie's version!

Cindy's version!

Frances's version!

Sarah's version!

Joan's version!

Joan's 25 blocks!

Linda R's version!

Article Comments
Pam Faragoo Date 7/31/2015
Can't believe we completed 25 blocks! What a journey! Thanks so much for all,of the time and effort you put into this challenge, Liz. It was so much fun!
Annette Date 7/31/2015
That 6 months sure flew by. It is unbelievable! I sure had a good time & I'm looking forward to the next quilt challenge. Thank Liz for all your hard work in making this possible.
Jacquelyn Booker Date 7/31/2015
Like it. Didn't get in on all the blocks but did enjoy looking some of them. I would like to participate next time. Please email me next time so I can get started at the beginning. Just in my first year of quilting. Have lots to learn.
Jackey Date 7/31/2015
Thank you. I was really surprised you found blocks totally made of hsts. Doing these blocks was fun. I couldn't stop at just one size so I did two sizes - did one set with 2 1/2 in hsts and one set with 1 1/2 in hsts. All blocks were made with bonus hsts from other quilt tops. I will post pictures when tops are together.
Cathy K Date 7/31/2015
this was lots of fun. I hate doing HSTs so I wanted to prove I could actually complete an entire project using them. I Did it!! waiting for guidance on sashing and borders Thanks
Joy Date 7/31/2015
Thank you Liz! I have enjoyed this 6 months. Something to look forward to each week and boy did the time fly. I am pretty new to quilting and HSTs were new to me. Now I am not so leary of them. I do enjoy your emails. Looking forward to the next challenge, like the rest of the ladies.
Kathy Grant Date 7/31/2015
Liz, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this weekly HST challenge. It was even more fun when my 3 sisters and mom joined in. Thank you for doing this and I look forward to finishing my quilt.
paula t Date 7/31/2015
thank you,I can do the blocks now, I have had my new elbow replacement in. this has been fun ,but some of my blocks are not the same size?
Christina y Date 7/31/2015
will your blocks continue to stay on your website even when this challenge is done?
Eunice Hobkirk Date 7/31/2015
I never could make HSTs. They were always a mess. Now thanks to you and your technique I can do them expertly. I looked forward to each block. And you can see in my blocks how I kept improving. Let's do this again. E
Cathy Date 7/31/2015
This has been a great learning exercise! I have thoroughly enjoyed making all of the new patterns with HST's. I appreciate all of the time you have spent teaching and posting. Thanks!
SueJean Date 7/31/2015
Thanks for a great challenge, Liz! I really enjoyed seeing the blocks you made each week. I didn't make every block. I only made my favorites, but that didn't take anything away from being a part of the project. I also liked seeing how everyone else added their own special touch to their blocks. I learned a lot about color choices and the way quilting lends itself to personal taste and expression. I look forward to the next time! Blessings, SueJean
Donna Date 8/1/2015
Donna Date 8/1/2015
I would like to print a picture of all the blocks to use as an index. Can't seem to find it. Thanks for doing this.
Della Fultz Date 8/1/2015
Liz I want to thank you for all 25 patterns plus the instructions for how to make half triangles. I have enjoyed seeing and collecting these. I have made a few but have been so busy with public work that I have not had the time to make them all. I have enjoyed seeing all the different color usage and have kept a collection of the ones I like. I wish you well and thank you for all your work. You are a great lady.
JP Date 8/1/2015
Liz -- thank you so much for the block challenge. Thanks for your creativeness and sharing w/so many!
Teresa Date 8/1/2015
I have enjoyed this so much. I want to thank you for all your time putting this together and sharing with all the quilter that have done this with you. This is the first time I have ever done a quilt challenge. I have had so much fun. I will try to get my final top as soon as possible. Thanks again.
Diane Ruby Date 8/2/2015
first quilt, but not my last one! Thank you Liz
Betty Harden Date 8/4/2015
This has been so much fun. Hope we do it again soon. You are so neat to share this with all of us, who anxiously awaited the next block. Thanks so much for doing this.
Liz K Date 8/5/2015
You all are so welcome. Thank YOU!
astier therese Date 8/16/2015
j aimerai commander mes je ne sais comment regler car vous ne voulez pas de cheque.merçi
Tish Date 8/19/2015
Liz, you are an excellent instructor. Wish my daughter would get into sewing! Thanks.
Tish Date 8/19/2015
Liz, you are an excellent instructor. Wish my daughter would get into sewing! Thanks. Hope you are fully recovered from your earlier disaster!
Nancy Date 10/24/2015
I finished my quilt today!! I love it.. Hope we do this again!! How do I send a pic???
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