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About was established in 2009 to provide customers in the growing pre-cuts niche with more options! We've got the biggest selection of 20-strip 2.5" rolls anywhere on the net, as well as 40-strip offerings from all your favorite companies. We're a one-stop shop for people who love jelly rolls! 

Because we design and manufacture our pre-cuts ourselves and are an entirely online business, you get prices on pre-cuts that are competitive with wholesale pricing from the big guys! We've built our business on trying to provide as much value as possible to every customer, and we think you'll see that difference with your first purchase.


Our colorful 20-strip pre-cuts are comprised of top quality, premium fabrics that are hand-selected, hand-aligned and steam pressed, and are once again aligned by hand before being razor-edge die cut in-house for pinpoint accuracy. Hand-alignment ensures that your strips are cut straight and don't open into a "v" shape. Razor-edge means the edges are not pinked/zig-zag cut (many quilters find straight edges easier to work with). Rolls are immediately wrapped to protect the edges from fraying.

All fabrics used in our rolls are woven on top quality looms and go through premium-quality finishing processes (mercerising, sanforizing, and calendering). 

Because we buy mill-direct, we are able to sell these top-quality, thick, soft, luscious fabrics to you at bargain basement prices! You can't purchase our precuts anywhere else on the web, and they are not sold in stores.

All 40-strip designer offerings are authentic, straight from the manufacturer. Check back frequently because we are expanding this section of our store rapidly and have lots of new 40-strip rolls on a weekly basis!


Our website and checkout are secure. Your credit card information is encrypted and is not even viewable by members of our staff! Your information will never be shared or sold for any reason. Please feel confident shopping in our store and know that 30,000+ customers have safely purchased our products since 2009!

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